Phandelver’s Pact in Peril

A few decades ago, near the bustling human metropolis of Phandolin, a mining consortium of dwarves and gnomes discovered a fantastically rich line of magical energy in Wave Echo Cave. Together with human spellcasters from Phandolin, they united in the Phandelver’s Pact to share the wealth of the cave and to channel its energies through a great Forge of Spells.

Recently efforts have been made to expand the Phandelver’s Pact to include other civilizations around the world through a system of permanent magical portals, with the goal of making trading with faraway lands as easy as walking through a door. Several parties of dignitaries have traveled from all four points of the compass to observe a demonstration of the gate technology, and to negotiate the creation of a portal network, with accompanying trade deals. Whether you are an existing member of the Phandelver’s Pact or part of a diplomatic team, you are anticipating rich rewards from the successful conclusion of this business.

Unfortunately, you have just received the shocking news that a massive horde of orcs backed by mercenary wizards is descending upon Wave Echo Cave, and has just razed the city of Phandolin. You have less than an hour before the main body of the horde arrives, and everyone in Wave Echo Cave is in full-blown panic mode. The Forge of Spells is far too valuable and dangerous to allow it to fall into orc hands, but the odds look very bad. Your only hope is to hold out for at least three days, which is the soonest that a friendly army could arrive from Neverwinter if it left right now. You grimly prepare for a brutal siege…

Phandelver's Pact in Peril